Party Time Checklist

Party - To Do Checklist for Host:

3 to 4 weeks prior
-Create a budget
-Create a guest list
-Pick and date and time
-Choose a party theme
-Purchase invitations
-Book venue
-Decide on cake designs
-Choose party games served

 2 weeks prior

-Mail invitations
-Plan menu
-Do an inventory of your serving dishes (call a friend to borrow some dishes if needed)
-Purchase party and cake decoration supplies
-Order cake (if not making your own)
-Make a list of food and beverages to be served

1 week prior
-Order balloons
-Confirm venue or entertainment
-Select party music
-Go grocery shopping (hold off on the perishables for now)
-Confirm headcount. It's perfectly acceptale to call anyone who has not RSVP'd.
-Clean the house (Come party time, you'll only have to do a spot-clean!
-Decide on cake designs
-Choose party games served
-Purchase party favors and prizesChoose party games served



BABY SHOWER - To Do Checklist for Host:

6-8 weeks before shower
-Decide on the date and time with the Mother-to-be
-Prepare a guest list with Mother-to-be
-Reserve restaurant or decide on a shower location
-Decide on shower theme with Mother-to-be
-Make or order invitations
-Make a list of food and beverages to be served

4-6 weeks before shower
-Send out invitations
-Keep a record of all names and addresses to give to the Mother-to-be to send out Thank You cards
-Finalize the menu
-Decide on what games, if any will be played and what prizes will be awarded to the Winners
-Purchase prizes for game winners
-Begin shopping for baby shower favors ~ what is a favor? a favor is an item you give to each guest "thanking" them for coming to the shower. This is becoming more and more popular to do!!

-Order decorations and party supplies that go with the theme
-Free baby shower games ideas are always helpful     
-Don't forget about the table centerpieces, this can be a gift for the new mommy or a game winner idea or even favors to pass out to guests. Try to get a 'usable' centerpiece so it can be used double purpose and saves money in the long run :).
-For couples showers, don't forget about the new daddy!
-If siblings are going to attend, a small gift for them should be purchased.

3 weeks from the baby shower
-Purchase and wrap your gift
-Make sure that there are sufficient utensils and serving spoons
-Make sure you have enough tables and chairs for number of guests
-Confirm reservations if the shower is held at a restaurant, spa or club
-Order of make plans for the cake

1 week before the shower
-Call guests that have not RSVP’d to see if they are coming
-Clean your home
-Prepare dishes that can be frozen
-Arrange transportation for the Mom-to-Be
-Arrange for someone to record names and gifts given to give to the Mom-to-be for Thank You cards
-Arrange for someone to hand the Mom-to-be the gifts, take the wrapping paper and place gifts to the side so everyone can see her opening the next one.
-Write out a timeline that you can follow to keep things on schedule such as play game number one, eat lunch, open gifts, play game 2, have dessert etc.
-Purchase extra film or charge digital camera batteries

2 days before the shower
-Call the Mom-to-be about any last minute details
-Decorate for the party
-Set up tables and chairs
-Set up a gift table
-Call bakery if cake has been ordered and confirm details

1 day before the party
-Make the remaining food on your list
-spot clean your home
-pick up flowers or centerpieces
-Make sure you have enough ice
-Place several garbage receptacles in key areas so guests don’t leave plates, napkins and trash on the tables

The day of the party before guests arrive
-Relax take a deep breath
-Purchase or have balloons filled
-Pick up the cake
-Set up food and beverage tables

As the guests begin to arrive
-Greet each guest at the door and let them know where the refreshments are
-Introduce guests to one another
-Have a comfortable chair, pillow and footstool ready for the Mother-to-be
-Introduce the activities as they begin, explain the rules for games, announce when the meal or gift opening begins. 

 2 days prior
-Stuff and label goodie bags
-Charge camera & camcorder
-Purchase last minute items
-Purchase perishables
-Pick up any items you are borrowing for the party
-Make room in the fridge for the party food
-Tidy up and areas of the house that need it
-Clean up outside areas that will be used for party

1 day prior
-Bake and decorate the cake, or pick up ordered cake
-Wrap presents
-Get games and activites in order
-Prepared any food that can be made ahead of time
-Clean cooler, if you'll be using them

The big day
-Pick up balloons
-Pick up ice
-Prepare remaining food
-Tidy up one last time the party
-Set up food and beverage tables 

  A day or two after
-Develop pictures
-Write thank you notes and enclose a picture from the party food