Candy Bar Uses







Candy Bar Uses
Favors for an anniversary party, baby shower, christening celebration, engagement party, retirement party
Bachelor or bachelorette party favors
Attach to stuffed animals for different theme gifts, i.e. birthday, get well, new baby etc.
Personalized Easter baskets
Announcements: engagements, save-the-date, new births, 50 birthday, etc.
Combine full-size bars and minis in a gift basket for a sweet thank you gift.
Create a six-pack of bars each with coupons good for household chores, a movie, dinner, lunch, massage etc.
Get Well bars
Give them as a "thank-you" to wedding vendors (banquet coordinator, florist, photographer, etc)
Give them to guests at bridal showers
Give them to guests at bridal/baby showers to game winners
Give them to secretaries on Secretaries Day to show your appreciation
Hand out at bridesmaids' luncheon
Use bars as a program for weddings and other events
In addition to a flower girl, have a candy girl at the wedding
Candy bar invitations
Leave a bar in hotel rooms for out-of-town guests
Pass them out at your brunch or tea
Baby Shower Game: Put personalized minis in a jar or baby bottle. Whoever guesses a number closest to the number of minis wins the game and the candy!
Use bars on everyone's plate at rehearsal dinner
Children's party favors
Realtors can give a bundle of bars to their customers at the closing.  Bars should have the customer's new address printed on the wrapper for them to hand out as announcements.  Include the Realtors logo too.
Realtors can use minis in a bowl at open houses.  Include their name and phone number on the back
Candy bar thank you notes
Christmas stocking stuffers
Student rewards for teachers to hand out
Thank customers
Birth announcements: include baby stats and proud parent info.
Create a bowl of minis for the guest book table
Scatter personalized minis around a wedding cake or table
Florists can use minis instead of gift cards in bouquets and as balloon weight
Create personalized candy bar name cards at your banquet, brunch, or tea
Grand Opening announcements